What if I lose my YubiKey?

What happens if you lose your YubiKey? You should have backup methods to regain access set up in case you lose your key. This can be an authenticator app on your smartphone or a set of printed one-time recovery codes.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce the risk if you lose your YubiKey:

  • Most services like websites that support two-factor authentication (2FA) allow you to create backup codes. Make sure that you do this and keep the locks offline in a safe. 
  • Set up a backup 2FA service like an authenticator app.
  • Buy a second YubiKey as a backup and keep it stored away in a safe.

If you have already lost your YubiKey, do not panic. Many services and websites will still have a verification process to allow you to verify your identity to regain access. Read and understand what verification steps are in place for the service or website that you have enabled your lost YubiKey on.

Once you have regained access to the service or website, disable or remove the lost YubiKey as a 2FA method to ensure that it cannot be used.

For more information about setting up your YubiKey, visit the Yubico setup page.